chapter  10
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On April 24, 1906, a few minutes before midnight, Police Constable Horace Page, on point duty in Regent Street, arrested a 25-year-old, fashionably dressed Frenchwoman who gave her name as Eva 0'Angeley. He took her to the Marylebone Street Police Station and charged her, under the Vagrancy Act of 1824, with behaving in an indecent and riotous manner. By all accounts, the arrested woman seemed composed and went along quietly with Page, occasionally smiling at him and chattering in her native language. Questioned through an interpreter at the Station, she denied being a prostitute and claimed that she was a respectable married woman and had merely been waiting for her husband. An hour later a man, who gave his name as Rene 0'Angeley, appeared and stood bail. He confirmed Eva's story, saying that he had been walking with her and a business associate, a dealer in bijouterie named Rubens, and had separated from her to see Rubens home. Eva was then released and told to appear to have her case heard the following morning.