chapter  1
OBJECTS OF DESIRE: How advertising works
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It is basically what distinguishes branded from unbranded products .... If we have a clear picture of a brand in our minds to refer to, we can handle it easily in decision making, even at lower levels of consciousness. The identity of a brand endures over time .... We can bring to bear a kind of distillation of previous experience and information on the choice problem. We have the reassurance that comes with familiarity and with the sense of pattern and order this gives us. 1

What all successful compames enjoy, then, IS brand status. 23

IBM, Kodak, Levi Strauss, Bacardi Rums, and the TSB are all examples where consumers choose their products not only because they are excellent products, which they are, but because they value the brand values which are often intangible. These companies have developed their corporate reputations through their brands, and both brand and corporate reputation reinforce each other.2