chapter  5
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Sackville on Wyatt's Penitential Psalms, 1563

Thomas Sackville, Earl of Dorset (1 5 36-1608) was an Elizabethan courtier-poet, whose chief contribution to the non-dramatic literature is found in A Myrroure for Magistrates (1563) . The following stanza is taken from a manuscript addition, not in­ cluded in early printed versions of The Mirror, to Buckingham's complaint : St John's College, Cambridge MS. 3 64. It is printed in Lily B. Campbell's edition (Cambridge, 193 8 ; Barnes & Noble, 1960) , in Appendix C, p. 545. The addition expounds the idea that no poet-not 'Maro' (Virgil) , Chaucer, Wyatt, Surrey, and 'lest of all' the author-has been able to express the 'houge dolours' of Richard III's victim, the Duke of Buckingham.