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Note on the Text

The materials in this volume follow the original manuscripts or printed texts in most important respects. Some light punctuation has been added to Nos 3 and 5, and contractions expanded and omitted where they appear elsewhere in the volume (e.g. Surrey's elegies on Wyatt) . Some antiquated footnotes in the originals (e.g. some of Nott's) and refer­ ences to old editions, have been excised. I have appended, following every quotation from Wyatt, a reference to its number in the most recent edition, Collected Poems oj Sir Thomas Wyatt, ed. Kenneth Muir and Patricia Thomson (Liverpool University Press, 1969) . The prose translation of Leland's elegies is as literal as possible, making no pre­ tensions to literary style. The place of publication, unless otherwise stated, is London. Original footnotes are marked with asterisk, dagger, etc. , the present editor's footnotes are numbered. My additions to original footnotes are contained in square brackets.