chapter  3
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S UR REY on Wyatt and on his Penitential Psalms, c. 1542

Dyvers thy death doo dyverslye bemone, Some that in presence of that livelye hedd Lurked, whose brestes envye with hate had sowne, yeld Cesars teres uppon Pompeius hedd.1 Some that watched with the murdrers knyfe with egre thurst to drynke thy guyltles blood, whose practyse brake by happye end of lyfe, weape envyous teares to here thy fame so good. But I that knowe what harbourd in that hedd, what vertues rare were tempred in that brest, honour the place that such a iewell bredd

and kysse the ground where a s thy coorse doth rest with vaporde eyes from whence such streames avayle As Pyramus did on Thisbes brest bewayle.