chapter  60
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Thomas Tickell, 'Elegy' ('To the ... Earl of Warwick'), 1721

Thomas Ticke1l (1686-1740), who began to pay homage to Addison as early possibly as 1707, became Addison's first editor. In October 1721 he brought out Addison's works in four quarto volumes. The 'Elegy' was printed in the first volume and addressed 'To the Earl of Warwick, on the Death of Mr. Addison'. Of the 'Elegy' Goldsmith wrote that it 'is one of the finest in our language; there is so little new that can be said upon a death of a friend, after the complaints of Ovid and the Latin Italians in this way, that one is surprised to see so much novelty in this to strike us, and so much interest to affect'.