chapter  21
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Anthony King’s poem ‘The Frequented Village,' a poetic statement about The Deserted Village, 1771[?]

The author of the anonymous review of King's poem in the Monthly Review, December 1771, p. 509-10, notes: 'This seems intended both as a companion and contrast to Goldsmith's Deserted Village ... It may be thought somewhat cruel to damp the ardour of a young writer, by the severity of censure; but it would be greater cruelty to encourage a worthy youth, by fallacious complaisance, to an unavailing perseverance, in a pursuit, wherein the impossibility of his succeeding is but too obviously to be inferred from the imbecillity of his out-set.' Nothing of significance is known about Anthony King. A similar poem, not included here, is John Robinson's (1727-I802) The Village Oppressed.