chapter  51
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Two poems on Goldsmith by David Garrick in The Poetical Works of David Garrick, 1785

HERE Hermes, says Jove who with nectar was mellow, Go fetch me some clay--! will make an odd fellow: Right and wrong shall be jumbled-much gold and some dross; Without cause be he pleas' d, without cause be he cross; Be sure as I work to throw in contradictions, A great love of truth; yet a mind tum' d to ftctions; Now mix these ingredients, which warm'd in the baking, Tum to learning, and gaming, religion and raking. With the love of a wench, let his writings be chaste; Tip his tongue with strange matter, his pen with fine taste; That the rake and the poet o'er all may prevail, Set fire to the head, and set fire to the tail: For the joy of each sex, on the world I'll bestow it: This Scholar, Rake, Christian, Dupe, Gamester and Poet, Thro' a mixture so odd, he ·shall merit great fame, And among brother mortals-be GoLDSMITH his name! When on earth this strange meteor no more shall appear, You, Hermes, shall fetch him-to make us sport here !