chapter  54
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Further remarks on Goldsmith as a writer and member of Dr Johnson’s Club, in The Life of Samuel johnson, LL.D. by Sir john Hawkins, Knt., 1787

Sir John Hawkins (1719-89), author and a charter member of Johnson's Club, wrote an early and important biography of Johnson in which he also passed judgment on the members of the Club. His appraisal of Goldsmith's greatness as a writer, written during 176o-4, is more dispassionate than most and balances strengths and weaknesses. He also views Goldsmith's inordinate vanity and pride, his envy and jealousy, more objectively than many other early writers. For further discussion of Hawkins's estimate of Goldsmith, see Bertram H. Davis, Sir John Hawkins, A Biography, Bloomington, Indiana, 1972. The selection quoted below is from Davis's edition ofHawkins' sLife ~{Johnson, New York, Macmillan, 1961, pp. 179-83.