chapter  63
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Unsigned preface to an early American edition of Goldsmith’s works, 1809

In another of his undertakings for the trade, he [Goldsmith] was not so successful; for, being desired by Griffm the bookseller to make a selection of elegant poems from our best English classics, for the use of boarding schools, and to prefix to it one ofhis captivating prefaces; he carelessly, without reading it, marked for the printer one of the most indecent tales of Prior. This, as might be supposed, prevented the sale of the book, which had been printed in two vols. Of this production the late ingenious Mr. Headley says, 'Dr. Goldsmith, who was only unhappy amidst all the works he undertook in his

Our author wrote also the life of Lord Bolingbroke, which he prefixed to the Dissertations on Parties, which was printed for T. Davies, in 1771, and again in the year 1775, with Goldsmith's name affixed to it;-it is also inserted in the large edition of Bolingbroke's works, which appeared in the year 1777.