chapter  65
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John Keats to Fanny Keats in a letter, 11 February 1819

It is perhaps difficult to imagine John Keats (1795-1826) liking Goldsmith, but he enjoyed that poet's works enough to give his sister Fanny (1803-90) an inscribed copy of Goldsmith's Poems and Essays (1817), now in the Houghton Library of Harvard University. The letter below is quoted from The Letters of John Keats: 1814-1821, ed. Hyder E. Rollins, 2 vols, Cambridge, Mass., 1958, ii, p. 39·

... I am in hopes Mr Abbey will not object any more to your receiving a letter now and then from me-How unreasonable !-1 want a few more lines from you for George-there are some young Men, acquaintances of a School-fellow of mine, going out to Birkbeck' s at the latter end of this Month-! am in expectation every day of hearing from George-! begin to fear his last letters Miscarried. I shall be in town tomorrow-if you should not be in town, I shall send this little parcel by the Walthamstow Coach. I think you will like Goldsmith. Write me soon-