chapter  70
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Sir Walter Scott writes about Goldsmith’s works in Biographical and Critical Notes of Eminent Novelists, 1827

OuR biographical notices of distinguished Novelists were in some degree proportioned to the space which their labours occupy in the Collection for which these sketches were originally written. On that principle, the present subject, so interesting in every other point of view, could not be permitted long to detain us. The circumstances also of Dr. Goldsmith's life, his early struggles with poverty and distress, the success of his brief and brilliant career after he had become distinguished as an author, are so well known, and have been so well and so often told, that a short outline is all that ought here to be attempted ... 1

The publication of the Traveller gave the author all that celebrity which he had so long laboured to attain. He now assumed the profes1 A four-page outline follows.