chapter  122
Unsigned, 'Is Pessimism Necessary?', Critic (London), March 1898
Pages 4

Though it is no news that Mr George Gissing inclines to pessimism, it is, none the less, something ofa shock to find him upholding pessimism as an article offaith, which, except a man believe, he cannot be artistically saved. Yet that is what it comes to, ifwe may believe the interviewer. The latter, it appears, had remonstrated with Mr Gissing because 'cheerfulness' did not 'keep breaking in' upon the gloomy scenes of New Grub Street, and other works ofgenius; and Mr Gissing answered, sorrowfully:-

'Show me the great masterpieces of art, music, and literature, and I shall show you creations which absolutely palpitate \vith sadness.'