chapter  1
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Fabrica(tions): on the construction of the human body

The chapter deals with what makes new reproductive technology (NRTs) effectively postmodern in women's own rights is just that refusal to accept the notion of an unchanging natural body, and their capacity to problematise the grounds of identity. It further looks at what is involved, first and briefly from the familiar liberal humanist framework of rights and justice, but then by employing a feminist poststructuralist approach to ask how and why difference operates here to reproduce meanings and values. The ability of NRTs to cut across hitherto entrenched categories of difference underlines the instability of modernist homogeneities. The exposure of indiscriminate developments of NRTs at the expense of women is one important aim for feminist international network of resistance to reproductive and genetic engineering (FINRRAGE) and other campaigning groups, but a predominantly empirical basis for enquiry and intervention cannot adequately engage with discursive significance.