chapter  5
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Parents and professionals

WHERE THE POWER LIES There are enormous and important differences in the relationships between home and school when we compare the statutory and non-statutory phases of early years provision. Once children are in school, teachers as key holders to publicly codified knowledge assume a powerful position vis-a-vis parents, although, as we shall see, the parent as consumer can challenge that assumption. The under 5s field is, however, as complex as the purposes and forms of provision available. Some parents will find themselves powerless as their 'at-risk' children are given mandatory places in daycare centres which mayor may not have overtly educational aims. Other parents may have more choice about their children's attendance but will be relatively powerless because of the counter-demands made by their own socio-economic, emotional and educational needs. Others will choose to use available provision as a service, which releases them for paid work or time to be spent on other interests or responsibilities. Others will be involved powerfully and actively as members of, for example, management committees.