chapter  14
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Educational experiences of ethnic Minority students in Oxford

THE STATISTICAL STUDY This study was designed to provide information about the performance in General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) and Advanced (A) Level examinations in 1991 of all students belonging to different ethnic groups in the city of Oxford. In the event it proved impossible to gain access to the relevant data from Oxford College of Further Education, but full data was gathered from the six upper schools in the City. The heads of each of the upper schools were approached in the early summer of 1991 and asked to gather data on students entered for GCSE and A Level examination, categorizing the pupils in terms of their ethnic origins on the basis of the LEA's Pupil Ethnic Monitoring guidelines. In November 1991, this information was collected from the schools, together with information on the performance of the students in the relevant examinations. Examination performances were coded according to the Audit Commission's systems. For A Levels, grades are translated into numerical scores as follows:

A B 10 8

C D E 642

For A/S level grades, reckoned to be be worth half of A Levels, the translation is as follows:

A 5

B 4

E 1

and a total score is obtained by simply adding the numerical scores for all the grades a person is awarded. For GCSE, grades are translated into numerical scores as follows:

A B 7 6

C D E 543

F G 2 1

and total scores obtained in the same way. The population of students concerned categorized according to ethnic

origin, gender and examination for which they were candidates is shown in Table 14.1.