chapter  V
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By virtue of this delegation of sovereignty the great magistrates possessed, within their several spheres, the following powers: 1 (1) The right of acting on their own initiative in accordance with the laws which qualified them, or of consulting the Assembly or the Council with regard to new decisions (PovXevaaadai); (2) the fundamental right of giving orders and of passing obligatory measures (eV^Ta^at), which implied the right of punishing the delinquent (iinfioXas eTTiftaWeiv) by the imposition of a fine whose maximum varied, according to the magistrature, from fifty to five hundred drachmas, or else of sending him before the courts for severer punishment ; 2 (3) judical competence in specified cases (fcpcvac), & competence which no longer carried the right of decision, but only t ha t of receiving pleas, of making investigation and of presiding over the tribunal (rjyepLovia).