chapter  5
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Documents of fandom: Margaret Lockwood and Ewan McGregor

In The F ield o f Cultural Production , Bourdieu identifies the problems of researching past events which require an understanding of the codes of contemporary discourse, many of which have not survived in written form:

One of the major difficulties of the social history of philosophy, art or literature is that it has to reconstruct these spaces of original possibles which, because they were part of the self-evident givens of the situation, remained unremarked and are therefore unlikely to be mentioned in contemporary accounts, chronicles or memoirs. It is difficult to conceive of the vast amount of information which is linked to membership of a field and which all contemporaries immediately invest in their reading of works: information about institutions — e.g. academics, journals, magazines, galleries, publishers, etc. — and about the persons, their rela­ tionships, liaisons and quarrels, information about the ideas and problems which are ‘in the air’ and circulate orally in gossip and rumour.