chapter  V
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—Consciousness Attributed to Things

THE technique used in the two following chapters is certainly open to serious criticism but the results undoubtedly furnish a number of indications, provided certain reservations are made.

We started by asking the following questions: II If I were to prick you with a pin, would you feel it? " and It If I were to prick the table would the table feel it?" The same question is then applied to stones, flowers, metal, water, etc., and the child is asked what would happen if one could prick the sun, the moon, the clouds. It is naturally necessary and this is the most important part of the experiment, to ask It Why? II or It Why not? " after each answer. The essential is, in fact, to see if the child replies arbitrarily or in accordance with a system, and in the latter case to discover what is the child's latent conception.