chapter  VI
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—The Concept of “Life”

IT will be of interest to complete the preceding research by a corresponding study of the ideas children understand by the word U life." There is, indeed, nothing to show that the concepts of U life" and of U consciousness" are completely synonymous any more than they are to an adult. But it seems that the idea of U life" is in certaip respects more familiar to the child than the ideas llnderstood by the words U knowing" and U feeling." It seems likely, -therefore, that a study of it may reveal clearer systematisations than those found in the preceding chapter and that the children's answers will all show a higher development of logical justification and argument. Moreover, if the results of this chapter are found to agree with those of the preceding, there will be a certain guarantee in this resemblance. We must, therefore, beg the reader to excuse the repetitions which a study of the concept of U life" will inevitably involve.