chapter  X
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—The Origin of Trees, Mountains and of the Earth

WE must now consider how the child explains the origins of raw materials such as wood, stone, stuff, etc. These questions are not raised in any formalist spirit, they are problems which interest at least a large number of children. In fact, all the questions that are considered here have actually been put forward by children. Thus in the collection of questions amassed by Bohn 1 are to be found the following which were all asked by the same child. At 2 ; 6: II Papa, were there people before us?-Yes.- How did they come there?-They were born like us.- Was the earth there before there were people on it ?-Yes,,- How did it come there if there was nobody to make it." At 31: "Who made the earth? W as there ever a time when we were not on the earth." At 4; 9: "What are rocks made of?"