chapter  IX
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FREEDOM AND POSITIVE EUGENICS CAN BE RECONCILED ONLY THROUGH HAPPINESS. A democratic population policy must be at the same time a happiness policy. It is a policy which will lead the healthier and more able people to want children and to raise them under such conditions that they in turn will want adequately to reo place themselves. During the last century a certain new stage has been reached in the process of evolution. Simon Patten [1896] has called it the transition from a pain economy to a pleasure economy. Lester F. Ward [1903] saw it as a substitu tion of man's purpose of happiness for nature's purpose of survival. Some thinkers have feared that the human race would die out if it frankl y and directly sought happiness. More specifically, there is danger that any people which does mainly pursue happiness will succumb to other peoples which seek group survival and expansion at the expense of individual life and happiness. Good reasons for this fear are to be seen not only in the' present war but also in the general failure to replace themselves of those social classes with the higher standards of living and greater individual longevity.