chapter  XVII
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We have seen that the future of Democracy requires population replacement and happiness; and that happiness depends upon the early personality of the child achieved through good parent-child relations ; we have seen that these depend in large part upon happy marriage, and that this in turn depends upon good mate selection and the art of married living. Some thinkers might be willing to end the discussion at this point with a closing chapter on education for marriage and on guidance and mental hygiene. They would imply that the main thing we have to do is to teach individuals, in as large numbers as possible , how to live. This teaching might include, perhaps, a chapter or two on how to manage the material phases of home life. The student might go away from all this with the impression that the American middle and upper classes have the best homes in the world, and all we need is to extend their equipment and methods to the underprivileged, and to adjust the personalities of the privileged so that they can live more happily in the fine homes they already have .