chapter  III
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As time went on, Fenchow and Dunglin, the brothers-in-law and partners of th e H ookow store, accumulated a considerable amount of money and they decided to make good use of it. They were thinking of building houses for themselves. They both went with a geomancer to look around the village of Hwan g for suita ble building sites. Starting from the village, which is situa ted on the lower half of Ph easant Mountain facing south, th ey worked to the west towards D ragon Mountain, which protects the valley. like a western wall. T he stream and th e Western R oad both pass below the H wang village and run parallel from east to west for a tim e, but they begin to separate once more at the foot of D ragon Mountain. The Western Road passes over the top of th e mountain, leading directly westward, but the stream flows southwestward and turns round below the peak of th e same mountain . When th e expeditionary group came to the mountain peak they saw the slopes fall away abruptly below them and noticed a piece of farm land occupying a considerable space between the foot of th e mountain and th e turning point of the strea m. The geoma ncer set his compass and took his bearings. Suddenly he screa med with j oy. H e had found a very beautiful site . He nam ed it " A-Dragon-Vomiting-Pearls " , th e mountain of course representing the dragon, the field and its crops th e pearl s, and th e stream the saliva .