chapter  XX
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Eventually th e death of Fifth Go had a mu ch greater effect upon th e H wangs th an at first appeared. Not until Fifth Go's influence in the family's business, in th e fish tr ad e in Foochow, and particularly in the river trade and th e steamboat company was finally removed, did the latent conflict between the two factions of that reorganized enterprise flare up again into a bitter struggle. In many ways the conflict reflected the overt hrow of the old ways by the new. None of the Hwangs could escape th at larger conflict; certainly not those like Third Go and the other sons who were so rapidly forging a life for themselves in the city and along the river rather than at home among the farms of the village and the shops of the town where Dunglin was now almost ready to retire. Fifth Go had been a strong link among them all, just as he had been th e one force that seemed to hold the stea mboat company together with his friendship and symp athy for the older river merchants. And now once he was gone the remaining brothers would have to meet alone whatever came.