chapter  3
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SAMPLE SELECTION IN both Battersea and Dagenham, we were supplied by the Employment Exchange manager with a list of all undertakings employing 200 or more workers. In addition, we

In Battersea, 94 firms, employing an estimated 52 per cent of the total labour force as defined, were approached for permission to interview a sample of their workers. These firms included all those employing over 100 workers in the industries with which the inquiry was concerned, and a sample of those employing from 10 to 100 workers, drawn from the Employment Exchange manager's list. Sixty-three firms, employing some 42 per cent of the labour force, gave us the necessary permission. Of the 3 I firms which did not cooperate, 3 employed more than 100 workers; the remainder were small firms, mainly in the building industry.