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Creative Demobilisation

LET us face cold facts. What will happen after the armistice ? Men and women will stream back from the armies and from the factories. They not only want work but they also want to know what has been done at home while they have been fighting the battles in the field and in the factory, on the sea and in the air. They ask : have these fellows whose job it was to prepare Post-War Britain fought with the same energy as we have done ? We do not want paper chains and festoons, flagstaffs and banners, or other tawdry tributes. These odds and ends can go to the devil. We want facts. We do not want to be put off with high-sounding half-sincerities. We are ready for a new, for a peaceful fight, but we need a lead from those who had time to think out how a better Britain could be built. This is the true peace aim we were fighting for. It is all to the good to fight against something and somebody. But now we are back and do want productive work. Where are the plans ? Where are the tools ? Where shall we begin ?