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If expansion and a “ quantity ” sense of values are coming to an end a fresh start and a readjustment to new ideas and new goals will be necessary. Already the way is becoming clear. It leads in the opposite direction, away from expansion and quantity towards integration and quality. Let us not deceive ourselves. The change will be enormous. It means the end of “ economic man ” and the emergence of “ social man ”. Integration and quality both demand that conception and execution must achieve their objectives through systematic co-operation and wise planning. There is no other possibility. If we do not want to turn

3 back and to perish we must advance in this direction. How can we expect that social problems can be solved satisfactorily by a laisser-faire economy or by a society in which vested interests of all brands are dominant ? “ Social man ” will not be born until we have planned for him a favourable environment in which he will be free from economic insecurity but alive to social responsibility. We have reached a time when it is indispensable not only to take stock of our present knowledge and practical achievements but also to apply this knowledge systematically to the primary task of a just distribution of its implied benefits. How else can we strengthen the link between the activities of the individual and the community, between knowledge and its application, between an emerging new standard of values and the needs of the present situation ; how else than by purposive and rational planning ? We can call it anything we like, co-ordination, integration, interrelationship, guidance, direction. Each of these words implies that only by a concerted effort can we make new opportunities and means so as to meet in a balanced way the challenge of our situation.