chapter  8
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Central Schools and Junior Technical Schools

Both the selective central school and the junior technical school originated in the period before the first world war, and both sprang, like their predecessors the higher grade schools, from the elementary rather than the secondary tradition. We have seen that in the period immediately after 1902 there was a lack of interest in post-primary as distinct from secondary education that amounted in certain radical quarters to a determined hostility. The attempts by the Board to set up a system of higher elementary schools met with little response from the local authorities, whose attention was concentrated for the time being on the demands of the new secondary schools. Only a few areas accepted the necessity for a type of school giving an education higher than elementary but falling short of a full secondary course. Yet the Board's regulations for higher elementary schools were unpopular even with those authorities which accepted the necessity for such a type of school. They found the Board's requirements exacting,

especially in view of the small grants which were all they could earn, and so turned instead to the provision of a new type of school which, although of a higher primary nature could be organized under the ordinary Elementary Code.