chapter  I
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One finds in the history of human civilization [writes Dr. Gilbert Murray] a constant alternation between two processes-first organization, and then disorganization . . . first the slow building up of an ordered social structure or cosmos, then the reduction of that cosmos into chaos. No human cosmos endures very long. If it is not shattered by invasion or civil war or external disaster, it is undermined by the advance of knowledge, by the growth of social elements hitherto neglected and making for confusion, by some inherent contradiction in its own basis, or the like :

9 religious history between polytheism and monotheism ; whenever we travel into new territory, whether geographical, occupational, social, or political, we enter the territory of new gods, and we leave our old gods behind us, not denying their existence but neglecting their worship. Truly the gods are come down to us in the likeness of men, and among them is to be recognized not infrequently the chief speaker.