chapter  IX
Pages 16

Do Animals Think? Some will answer, it depends upon the animal. Some will say, it depends upon the defini­ tion of thot. Does the hen think when she lays an egg? Does the bird think when she flies away at the sound of a gun? Does the new-born chick think when it pecks at the bright spot? Does the dog think when he gulps down a piece of meat that he finds? Does the man think when he winds his watch at night? Does the amoeba think when it surrounds a food particle? Is there a thot connected with the knee-jerk? Does a bird think when it builds its nest? Does a carpenter think when he drives a nail ? Does a man think when he gets his finger into a gas flame and draws it away sud­ denly? Most of these questions the reader has answered promptly in the negative. To some of them he has given the answer, it depends upon the definition of thot. And finally, a few readers will have answered some of the questions in the affirmative.