chapter  VII
The Inter-Relation of the Types
ByJ H Van Der Hoop
Pages 6

The happy relationship of people among themselves is very frequently disturbed by misunderstandings, and it is the task of psychology to clear these up as far as possible. Freud has made a notable contribution in this direction, by focussing attention on important problems of the emotional life and shedding new light on them. Freud’s views are of special help to us in understanding the difficulties, failures and mistakes of others. They need, however, some amplification as regards the psychology of normal people and those who have made a success of life, and Jung has led the way here in his classification of typical forms of adaptation. This classification has made it easier for us to understand others in their success, even when their attitude towards life is very different from our own. Moreover, the elaboration of this conception of types has enlightened us as to the causes of those typical misunderstandings and conflicts which so frequently stand in the way of co-operation and sympathy. I shall proceed to discuss briefly some of these conflicts.