chapter  8
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A Magic Spell for the Far Journey

The circulation of the light is the inclusive term. The further the work advances, the more does the Golden Flower bloom. But there is a still more marvellous kind o f circulation. Till now we have worked from the outside on what is within; now we stay in the centre and rule what is external. Hitherto it was a service in aid of the Master; now it is a dissemination o f the commands o f the Master. The whole relationship is now reversed. If one wants to penetrate the more subtle regions by this method, one must first see to it that body and heart are completely controlled, that one is quite free and at peace, letting go o f all entanglements, untroubled by the slightest excitement, and with the heavenly heart exactly in the middle. Then let one lower the lids o f the two eyes as if one received a holy edict, a summons to become the minister. Who would dare disobey? Then with both eyes one illumines the house o f the Abysmal (water, K ‘an). Wherever the Golden Flower goes, the true light o f polarity comes forth to meet it. The Clinging (brightness, Li) is bright outside and dark within; this is the

Translation o f the Text

body o f the Creative. The one dark [line] enters and becomes master. The result is that the heart (consciousness) develops in dependence on things, is directed outward, and is tossed about on the stream. When the rotating light shines towards what is within, it does not develop in dependence on things, the energy o f the dark is fixed, and the Golden Flower shines concentratedly. This is then, the collected light o f polarity. Related things attract each other. Thus the polarized light-line o f the Abysmal presses upward. It is not only the light in the abyss, but it is creative light which meets creative light. As soon as these two substances meet each other, they unite inseparably, and there develops an unceasing life; it comes and goes, rises and falls o f itself, in the house o f the primal energy. One is aware o f effulgence and infinity. The whole body feels light and would like to fly. This is the state o f which it is said: Clouds fill the thousand mountains. Gradually it goes to and fro quite softly; it rises and falls imperceptibly. The pulse stands still and breathing stops. This is the moment o f true creative union, the state o f which it is said: The moon gathers up the ten thousand waters. In the midst o f this darkness, the heavenly heart suddenly begins a movement. This is the return o f the one light, the time when the child comes to life.