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Describing people who do not know where the true springs of secret powers He, an ancient adept says: ‘Worldly people lose the roots and cling to the tree-tops.’ The spirit of the East has come out of the yellow earth, and our spirit can, and should, come only out o f our own earth. It is for this reason that I approach these problems in a way that has often been criticized as being ‘psychologism’. If ‘psychology’ were meant, I should be flattered, because it is really my purpose to push aside without mercy the metaphysical claims of all esoteric teaching; the secret objective of gaining power through words ill accords with our profound ignorance-which we should have the modesty to confess. It is my firm intention to bring things which have a metaphysical sound into the daylight of psychological understanding, and to do my best to prevent the public from believing in obscure words of power. Let the convinced Christian believe, for that is the duty he has taken upon himself. The non-Christian has forfeited the grace of faith. (Perhaps he was cursed from birth in not being able to believe, but only to know.) Therefore, he has no right to put his faith elsewhere.