chapter  IV
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Religion is a natural emotional manifestation, belonging to man's unconscious life. When he begins deliberately to think of others, to sacrifice himself, to consider the interests of the com-

ranean religion and the tradition still persists. The earth-mother and the goddess of love have been merged in the Virgin, but in Malta there is still considerable confusion. The Virgin is Stella Maris. And with us the church is still the abode of love and fertility, but it is a different kind of love. The love of God is insisted upon, but the church in country districts remains the natural meeting place of the sexes, and Church parade after the evening service at Worcester Cathedral is regulated by the police, not unaware of the workings of the Freudian unconscious, to such an extent that people walking one way must walk on one pavement, and those walking the other on the opposite. A woman does not feel properly married unless she is married in church, her unconscious harking back to primitive times.