chapter  XVI
Pages 19

ApPETITE and love emotions are relatively independent in the emotional organization of some subjects. But, with a majority of individuals, appetite and love appear to manifest an intricate, and often inextricably confused relationship, in the total behaviour pattem. Human beings are, of course, extremely complex organisms. It is useless to attempt, in a preliminary analysis such as this book represents, anything like a systematic presentation of the extended series of appeti te-love relationships which appear in the clinical cases studied. 1t seems best , therefore, to emphasize the normal and efficient pattern of creation responses, combining love and appetite, which appear to be enforced upon human beings and animals in the course of reproduction. For just as the hunger mechanisms automatically evoke the natural integrative combination of desire and satisfaction into appetite emotion, and as the menstrual function automatically evokes the maximally efficient integrative combinations of passion and captivation responses into love emotion, so, in the same way, do the reproduciioe mechanisms automatically evoke a natural integrative combination of love and appetite into an emotional behaviour pattern which may aptly be termed .. creation ".