chapter  Chapter I
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The Integrative Psychology of You

WithMarston William M, King C Daly, Elizabeth H Marston

Structures and activities designed to unify a given organism are generally termed integrative structures and integrative activities. Synapses lying between the individual nerve cells in the nervous systems of human beings and higher animals may be regarded from our point of view as animated junction boxes. The junctional tissues in these synapses are themselves living protoplasm especially differentiated for the purpose of propagating integrative energy. Psychology as a science is primarily devoted to those characteristics of behaviour which are peculiar to human beings. The human organism shares its physico-chemical reactions and behaviour with inanimate objects and plants. The gyroscope pushes back against its opponent in a mechanically simple manner which does not require any internal readjustment or integration between its parts. Integrative psychology, inasmuch as it accepts the viewpoint of physical science, must regard the laws of the human organism as, in a sense, mechanical.