chapter  Chapter XII
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Learning, Recall And Intelligence

WithMarston William M, King C Daly, Elizabeth H Marston

All integrative combination of separate unit responses into enduring patterns of human behaviour depends upon learning. All the instances are modifications of originai part-reactions which, because of their permanency when once established, change the total unit response of the individual. The mnemonic trace most recently established is stronger than a connection of similar strength but of earlier origin, unless the earlier connection has become permanently established physically on account of many repetitions. The reflexes which make up the correct response must be in harmony both with the self activity of the organism and with each other. Intelligence becomes a general ability to use our brains in responding effectively to a situation. A person who had organised his behaviour in all three major types of unit response and on many levels for each type, might be said to be generally intelligent, but only because he possesses a great many intelligent responses and not because of any such factor as general intelligence.