chapter  Chapter XVII
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Part II: Integrative Theory of Abnormal Emotion: and the Place of Emotion in Unit Response
WithMarston William M, King C Daly, Elizabeth H Marston

The appetitive type, of which Dominance and Comphance are the chief and simplest examples, are connected with all the self-seeking activities necessary to the maintenance of the individual’s bodily existence and personal welfare. All human beings in the world probably possess some emotional abnormalities; most of them possess a large number. Fear accompanies flight or involuntary withdrawal from some threatened danger or suffering. Fear and Rage are both composed of the elements of Dominance and Comphance in the wrong relationship to each other. Rage reduces the efficiency of action chiefly by injecting an element of wildness and self-abandonment into the dominant behaviour of the wrathful individual. The various emotions, together with their respective subjective qualities, result from the various ways in which the integrations in the motor centres may take place.