chapter  Chapter XIX
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Part I: Personality Patterns and the Love Type
WithMarston William M, King C Daly, Elizabeth H Marston

Human beings with giant intellects like Albert Einstein, Sir Issac Newton, and Thomas Alva Edison would also be regarded as possessing a great deal of intellectual personality in the opinion of most thoughtful writers. Different criteria for differentiating types of personality have been used in different systems of classification. The love type personality of creative artists, and originators such as inventors and commercial pioneers, is impersonal in its focus. The love life of most women with their husbands similarly indicates control of the appetitive responses by the love responses within the protective environment of the home. Our behaviouristic criterion, of the love type in general would be genuine creative activity indulged in for its own sake. Our behaviouristic criterion for the sensory, intellectual, and emotional types within the general love type personality, would be the class of material or stimuli dealt with during the creative.