chapter  Chapter VI
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Actions and Reactions of the Hidden Machinery

WithMarston William M, King C Daly, Elizabeth H Marston

The self activity is initiated by physiological and physical influences of the various bodily tissues, organs, and secretions upon sense receptors and their surrounding tissues, causing Bodily Reactions. The intrinsic energy of the adult organism can be said to be generated even before conception. The maturing of the organism obliterates certain reflexes which are present at birth. Dribbling subsides at about the end of the ninth month, a fact which indicates the attainment of proprioceptive control over the jaw muscles by the cerebellum. The activities arising from the stimulations constitute the greater part of the basic self activity which either gives in to or conquers phasic impulses from the environment. Body metabolism is a constant source of heat from within the organism. The integrative machinery in the human organism may be thought of first as sorting environmental stimuli into appropriately labelled pigeon holes.