chapter  13
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Defeng Li Teachers’ Perceived Difficulties in Introducing the Communicative Approach in South Korea

Attempts to introduce communicative language teaching (CLT) into EFL contexts on EFL countries’ own initiatives and through international aid projects have prompted many innovations in L2 education. In general, such innovations have had a low rate of success (Brindley and Hood, 1990), and implementing CLT worldwide has often proved difficult (Anderson, 1993; Chick, 1996; Ellis, 1994, 1996; Gonzalez, 1985; Kirkpatrick, 1984; Sano, Takahashi, and Yoneyama, 1984; Shamin, 1996; Ting, 1987; Valdes and Jhones, 1991). Difficult as it is, many EFL countries are still striving to introduce CLT in the hope that it will improve English teaching there.