chapter  20
Pauline Rea-Dickins and Kevin Germaine Purposes for Evaluation
Pages 10

Evaluation for purposes of accountability is mainly concerned with determining whether there has been value for money, in other words whether something has been both effective and efficient. The main aim is to report on a product and give an evaluative judgement, whether something is intrinsically a ‘good thing’ or not. Generally the information derived from evaluation for purposes of accountability is not used in any major way to improve the functioning of the curriculum or classroom practice. Rather it informs decisions as to whether something is to continue or be discontinued. If, for example, sponsors or heads of institutions are not satisfied with the implementation of a particular project, then cuts may be made.Thus, if a particular reading scheme is introduced, evaluated a year later, and then judged to be ineffective, it is highly likely that a school will discontinue supporting this venture.