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The War Against Nabu-Zir-Napisti-Esir

I r nl is-pu-rav-va sul-mu SARRU-ti-ya u1 is-a1 he sent not, and (concerning) the peace of my kingdom he

asked not, I 2 ip-se-te-e-su lim-ni-e-ti ina ci-rib N I N U A . D.P., as-me-e-vn

his evil deeds within Ninevell I heard, and

13 l ib-ti i-gng-va its-tsa-ri-ikh ca-bat-ti D.P., su-par SAICI-ya my heart groaned and was stricken down my liver. My

officers, 14 D.P., P I K H A T I sn pa-a-rli af , \~r-su u-ma-ah-ir tsi-ru-us-su

the prefects of the borders of' liis country I hastened against him,

1 5 va-su-u D.P., NABU-ZIR-NAPISTI-$:SIR ba-ra-nu 11 and he (namely) Nnbu-zir-napisti-esir, gross (?) and na-pal-cat-ta-nu a rebel,

16 a-lac UmIilivI-ya is-me-vn a-na mat Ela-ma, D.A., se-lapis

in-nn-bit. he fled away.