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AB, fifth month of the Assyrian year. Esplained by a syllabary Tf v+. Heb. 2 v . I t s Accadian name is

=icT ~ E T dT , "fire that makes fire." (See T ~ a n s . Soc. Bib. Arch. iii. p. 163.)

A-AB-BA. The equivalent of' the Semet,ic word '( danzate." (Layard's I~~sc.riptions, plate 12, line 9.)

ideograph is explained a-hl - luv , K 4191, and a-bu-ul-lu, s zo. Abdi-milcutti, i.e., "the servant of the kingdom," or of

Nelkarth (1) abduk, 1st sing. nor. Kal. Heb. 32-7, " t o cleave." abil, subs. sing. rnasc. cons. Comp. Heb. 5?6 (1). nbni, plu. masc. of abnu, F~F<$ = C ~ T % (iv. 18, 39).