chapter  XII
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A MERCHANT who had married in VaraI).asi determined to go to sea again wi th merchandise. His wife refused to stay behind. While they were on the voyage their ship was upset by a sea The husband perished, but the wife escaped on a plank, and was driven by the wind to .Kaserudvipa, where dwelt the bird-king Suparna, who made her his wife. She bare him first a very beautiful boy, and then a young bird Suparna, who, after his father's death, was installed king of the birds. His mother insisted on his installing his elder brother as king in Varanasi, so he carried off ICing Brahmadatta in his claws, and flung him into the sea; then he set on the throne in his place his own brother, arrayed in all splendour, and ~ he 'Yarned the ministers that he would treat exactly like Brahmadatta anyone of them who did the least thing wrong, The name of Brahmadatta was given likewise to the new king, who begged his brother to assist him from time to time.