chapter  XXXIII
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The jackal as calumniator.1

A. IN long-past times there lived in a certain forest a preg-" nant lioness. Now it is the custom of lionesses to lay up' stores of flesh for the time when they shall bring forth their young. The lioness, having followed after a herd of cattle, struck do~vn a CO\V which had calved, and which, while taking care of her calf, lagged behind the rest of the here1. The lioness killed the CO\V, and dragged it off to her lair; the calf, which wanted to suck her mother's teats, following after her. The lioness was at first inclined to kill the calf too, but reflected that it would serve as a playfellow for her ellb so soon as she brought it into the world, She gave birth to a male cub, which she suckled along with the calf.