chapter  XLVIII
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The revengeful crow.1

IN long-past times the men of }{ajagriha and their king determined, on account of SOUle occurrence or other, to establish two cemeteries, and to bury men in one of them and women in the other. It happened once that a hermaphrodite died and could find room neither in the one cemetery nor in the other. In a certain locality in Rajagriha there was a park full of roots, fruits, splendidflowers, and various singing-birds. There a Rishi dwelt with shaven head, whofed upon roots, fruits, and water, and was clothed in a hide and the bark of trees. A ricinus shrub gre\v there in a three-cornered field, and there the body of the hermaphrodite was left. Perceiving the smell of the body, a jackal carne and began to devour its flesh. NO\V a crow had built her nest on the top of the ricinus tree, and was nestling in it. I t occurred to her to flatter the jackal, in order that he might give her the remains of the feast, so she began to sing his praises i 11 a verse: "As I testify Illy reverence for thee, \V ho art provided with the neck of a lion and the back of a bull, so deign to be gracious to me for the :benefit of the asker."