chapter  IX
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A SHIP built in the dockyard of Mergui by command of Phaulkon was launched shortly after the Shahbandar's return, and christened the Resolution.

Alexander Leslie, whose wife and family resided in the town, was appointed to the command of the vessel, and was instructed" to make the land on the coast of Gingerlee, in eighteen degrees North latitude," 1 to prosecute the war against the King of Golconda. Arrived there, he was to proceed to a port, Chiskercol by name, and there if possible to surprise the governor, or some of the most influential inhabitants, and carrying them on board his ship, he was to offer them their liberty on what terms he thonght fit. After this had been accomplished, he was to visit the ports, rivers, harbours, creeks, and bays along the'-coast between Chiskercol and Madras, avoiding the places where the English and Dutch had factories, and to carry on still further acts of spoliation. He was, moreover, cautioned not to consent to any cessation of hostilities if it should be represented to him that the King of Golconda iritended to send his ambassador to Siam; but if this news should reach him, he was to issue a passport for the safe conveyance of


the ambassador to Mergui, where he would be received "according to his quality;." At the end of the north-east monsoon he was to proceed to :PQndicherry to take on board any letters, packets, or goods that General F. Martin and M. Delandres might have for him, and then to return to Mergui.