chapter  X
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This was a distinct infringement of the order, unless it had been subsequently modified, that Captain Weltden was to keep his vessel and all that belonged to it hidden away among the islands of the Archipelago until October. This course had, however, been forced upon him, as he had run his vessel too far to the east into shoal water, and not knowing his position, he had to send out to discover where the port lay. Those in the boat, after having been twenty-four hours at sea, descrying a town, made for it, and discovered themselves at the very place their captain had been instructed to avoid. On their arrival within the bar, they saw a ship lying at anchor, and on boarding it, found it to be fully provisioned and ready for sea, and that it was named the Resolution. They were entertained with some refreshment after their long exposure; and their arrival having been observed from the town, Captain Leslie came on board with a message from the Shahbandar, Samuel White, asking them to go ashore and see him, as he was anxious to learn the news from England and Mocha, and to aScertain why they had come to Mergui. They did so, and were civilly received by Richard Burneby and White, whom they informed that their ship was the Ourtana, and that they' had been sent by the captain; Anthony Weltden, to find out the harbour of Mergui, as

they were strangers, but that when. the ship arrived, the captain himself would explain the object of his visit.